Kira Doebereiner

Kira Doebereiner is a writer, playwright and unofficial (unpaid☹️) Waffle House™️ Ambassador. She graduated from Miami University in 2020 with a BA in Creative Writing. However, she considers her minors in Art & Architecture History and Classical Humanities to be more interesting conversation starters when finding herself trapped in an elevator or the occasional abandoned mine cave-in. When Kira’s not crying over a computer keyboard she can be lured out of hibernation with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Alexandria Taylor

Alexandria Taylor is a novelist, playwright, and screenwriter residing in Cincinnati. A graduate of Georgia State University, Alexandria has her BA in Film and Media with a focus in dramatic writing. She currently works in communications but spends her spare time imagining new worlds and constructing them through words. Her debut novel, Breathe, can be purchased through Amazon, and she has several screenplays under her belt. When she isn’t writing, you can find her poorly attempting golf, curled up with a book, or frequenting the cinema for every obscure indie movie release. 

Photo by Josiah Taylor


“We wrote The Green Light with the intention of giving students the kind of play we would have loved to perform in high school. There’s a little bit of something for everyone: drama, stage combat, comedy, complex characters and a lot of heart. This is a show to challenge young actors while still dealing with relatable topics. The Green Light is for drama programs that have been looking for something new, a story engaging for a broad audience (but especially high schoolers) and a cast size and make-up that reflects current needs in the theater community.”

~ Kira Doebereiner

The Green Light is an amalgamation of what we had longed for as students in theatre and what we hope is a gift to female actors going forward. Female characters are often limited in stage time, have little agency in the plot of a story, and are colored by boring stereotypes. Our hope in writing The Green Light was to create authentic, complex, witty, engaging, and flawed female characters that are the driving force of the narrative. Most of all, we wanted to create an amusing, unique story that packed an emotional punch.”

 ~ Alexandria Taylor